Quick Answer: What did they pour into the car engines in Chapter 7?

The salesmen pour sawdust into the engine to cover up noises, and they disguise balding tires. The tenants realize they’re being taken advantage of, but unfortunately, have no other choice than to take what is offered.

What does the used car lot owner wish he had a thousand of in Chapter 7 Grapes of Wrath?

Good Used Cars. Soften ’em up, Joe. Jesus, I wisht I had a thousand jalopies!

What happens when the car breaks down in Grapes of Wrath?

A rattle in the engine causes Al to pull the car over and discover a broken connecting rod bearing. They anticipate a time-consuming repair, and Tom suggests the family go ahead to California to find work. He and Casy will stay behind, fix the car, and then catch-up with the others in California.

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What is happening in paragraph 7 of the Grapes of Wrath?

Summary: Chapter 7

The salesmen fill engines with sawdust to conceal noisy transmissions and replace good batteries with cracked ones before they deliver the cars. The tenant farmers, desperate to move and with little knowledge of cars, willingly pay the skyrocketing prices, much to the salesmen’s delight.

What does Chapter 7 imply about used car salesman?

Like the turtle, which strengthens the theme of the Joad’s connection to nature, the car salesman reflects the greed associated with capitalism. Chapter 7 reads like a monologue of a used car salesman instructing his employees on how to rip off potential buyers.

What is a jalopy Grapes of Wrath?

jalopy [slang] an old, ramshackle automobile. lemon [slang] something, especially a manufactured article, that is defective or imperfect.

What happened to Uncle John’s wife?

Years earlier, Uncle John had been married and his wife was pregnant. When she became ill, she asked John to fetch the doctor, but he refused telling her she’s only suffering from a stomach ache. The next day, John’s wife died from appendicitis, leaving him devastated.

What chapter does the car break down Grapes of Wrath?

Summary: Chapter 16

The Wilsons’ car breaks down again. Tom and Casy offer to stay behind to repair it, but Ma refuses to go on without them.

What does the car in The Grapes of Wrath signify?

The luxury car that runs over the dog, and the death of the dog seem to be foreshadowing the death that they will experience along their journey. It also foreshadows the trouble the Joads will face once they make it to California, and how the greedy California farmers will oppress the migrant workers.

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Who is Rose of Sharon in Grapes of Wrath?

Rose of Sharon, called “Rosasharn,” is the eighteen-year-old elder daughter of the Joad family. At the beginning of the novel, she is married to Connie Rivers and is pregnant with his child. Rosasharn is selfish and mostly concerned with her own needs and her child. She is womanly, demure, and serious.

How much money will the Joad family have to get to California?

It doesn’t take long for Tom and Al to fix the car, and they catch up with their family at a campsite whose owner charges people fifty cents a day to camp there. That’s a lot of money when you only have $40 bucks to get you to California. A bunch of men are hanging out on the steps of the campsite owner’s house.

What bothered Ma most about Granma’s death?

Ma tells everyone that Granma has died, has been dead, in fact, since before the agricultural inspectors stopped them. She couldn’t help Granma because she knew the family had to get across the desert.

How does Tom describe Uncle John?

While walking, Tom describes Uncle John to Casy, coloring him as a lonely, somewhat touched older man. As Tom and Casy approach John’s property, they see the family preparing for their trip west.

What happens in chapter 9 of Grapes of Wrath?

In chapter nine of John Steinbeck’s ”The Grapes of Wrath”, those heading west pawn their goods in an attempt to recoup some of the monetary value from them rather than throw them away. They end up selling a part of themselves in the process.

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Who tells Tom that his family had moved in with Uncle John?

Summary: Chapter 6

Tom and Casy see Muley Graves walking toward them. He reports that the Joads have moved in with Tom’s Uncle John.