How do I know if I have a 700R4 transmission?

The easiest way to identify if you have a 700r4 is to raise your car and check the bolts around the transfer case. The 700r4 and the 4L60 transmission uses a bolt pattern of 16 bolts, so if the transmission looks like the picture and you can see 16 bolts, you most likely have a 700r4 or a 4L60 transmission.

How can I tell if I have a 700R4 or 4L60?

You can’t tell the difference between a 700R4 and a 4L60E by the oil pan as they are nearly the same. If the transmission has a large 18-pin electronic connector above the passenger side pan rail, it’s a 4L60E, as seen here. If it has a cable connection near the cooler lines on the passenger’s side, that’s a 700R4.

What vehicles have a 700R4 transmission?

Vehicles Equipped the 700R4

  • Blazer: 1982-1991.
  • Caprice: 1982-1992.
  • Corvette: 1982-1992.
  • Camaro: 1983-1992.
  • Suburban: 1984-1992.
  • Astro Van: 1985-1992.
  • S10 Blazer: 1989-1992.
  • S10 Pickup: 1989-1991.

How can you tell the difference between a 700R4 and a TH350?

The shape of the oil pans is one way to differentiate between the TH350 and the 700R4. The TH350’s oil pan is shaped like a square with one of its corners cut off, while the 700R4’s oil pan is basically rectangular.

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What years did GM use 700R4?

The four-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic 700R4 was introduced for the 1982 model year for use in Chevrolet/GMC vehicles. In 1990, the Turbo Hydra-Matic 700R4 was renamed the 4L60.

700R4 / 4L60 / 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E / technical description.

Gear Ratio
R 2.29:1

How do I tell which Chevy transmission I have?

Automatic transmission on a Chevy can be identified in one of two ways: You can look at the size of the pan on the transmission or you can search for the identification number that has been stamped somewhere on the casing. To undertake either method will require you to look under the vehicle.

How do I know what GM transmission I have?

While there are no distinctive pans and bolt counts to make transmission identification simple, 4-speed manual transmissions can be generally identified by examining the side profile. The shape of the main housing will give a reasonably reliable indication of the transmission group to which your gearbox belongs.

Will a 700R4 work without a computer?

To run a 700-R4 trans behind a carbureted engine without a computer, at the very least the TV cable must be hooked up to the carburetor and properly adjusted. Not just a simple kickdown cable like your TH350 analogue, the TV cable controls line pressure and shift points.

What engines will bolt up to a 700R4?

700R4 Vehicle Compatibility – Makes & Models

CAMARO 2.8L / 5.0L
S10 PICKUP 2.5L / 2.8L
S10 BLAZER 2.5L / 2.8L

Will a LS motor bolt to a 700R4?

You could use the 700r4 behind a LS motor, but I dont recommend it. I’d sell it and then but a 60e or 80e. Even it if was just rebuilt. The only time that i’d consider running the 700r4 would be if it was a built racing trans which usually runs about $1200.

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Do all 700R4 have overdrive?

The 700R4 is a 4 speed automatic transmission, with a 30% overdrive in 4th gear.

Can you swap a TH350 for a 700R4?

If your original TH350 came with a 6-inch tail shaft, you’ll have to cut the drive shaft by 3 inches. If your old transmission had a 9-inch tail shaft, then the drive shaft should fit. The 700R4’s drive shaft yoke is identical to the TH350’s, so your old yoke should work nicely with the new transmission.

What transmission is the same length as a 700R4?

Chapter 2: Transmissions: Transmission Lengths

Transmission Case to ext. Housing Overall Length
THM 400 (long tail) 24 3/8″ 34″
THM 200-4R N/A 27 3/4″
THM 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E 23 3/8″ 30 3/4″
THM 4L80E 26 1/16″ 32 3/16″

Can I swap my 4l60E with a 700R4?

If you’re going to trade out your 4l60E for a 700R4, try to use an 87 on up. Both the trannies basicly use the same internal parts, so one shouldn’t be that much better than the other. Over the years GM did fix some of the weak points, with these trannies and the aftermarket, took care of some more.

How many gears does a 700R4 have?

700R4 Transmission

The 700R4 is a four speed automatic transmission, with a half-hour overdrive in fourth gear. This transmission was created by General Motors, however it is also sometimes known by the name Hydramatic.

When did GM switch from 700R4 to 4l60E?

In 1990, the 700R4 was redesignated as the 4L60 (4-speeds, Longitudinally positioned, 6000 lbs. GVW). This was a change in name only with no significant mechanical changes associated.

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