Question: What do you spray an outboard motor with?

Every second or third trip, remove the hood of your outboard (make sure the engine is turned off and cool to the touch) and apply a thin film of silicone spray to the power head. Be sure to use a type of silicone spray that won’t damage rubber and plastic.

What should I spray on my outboard motor?

After washing down with fresh water, spray LANOX-MX4 all over jet ski motors and outboards, power legs, cables and linkages for ongoing protection against moisture and corrosion.

What kind of paint do you use on an outboard motor?

Durability: The pros use automotive enamel with hardener, shot from a professional spray gun, and finished with clearcoat. This makes for a very hard and durable finish. Spray cans just don’t have the same finish hardness.

How do you protect an outboard motor from corrosion?

The best way to prevent dry corrosion is to flush your outboard motor after each boating trip with fresh, clean water for at least 15 minutes. This flushing process will help your cooling system run at maximum efficiency by keeping the cooling water passages clear and clean.

How much does it cost to paint an outboard motor?

Typically, the cost for repainting a complete outboard motor with new factory decals will run between $900 and $1500 depending on the size of the motor. The cost of refurbishing and repainting the cowling only will run between $350 and $600 depending on the size of the cowling.

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How much does marine paint cost?

A high-quality marine paint may cost around $70 per gallon, so if you’ve got to buy 5 gallons to do all your coats on your boat, you could be spending upwards of $350 on paint for your boat.

How do you prevent corrosion on a boat?

There are a few other things you can do to help prevent corrosion on your boat:

  1. Repair paint chipping and scratches as soon as possible if they leave bare metal exposed.
  2. Don’t use a lubricant containing graphite on your aluminum boat.
  3. Never use an automotive battery charger on your boat.

Can you wax an outboard motor?

A slightly faded cowl can be brought back successfully with some polishing compound and elbow grease. Protect the cowl with automotive wax. … Let it dry to a haze, then polish it off with a different clean, soft cloth. Keep it covered.