Quick Answer: Who makes the best windshield glass?

Which company windshield glass is best?

If you are looking for an auto glass company that fits the criteria mentioned above, then AIS Windshield Experts should be your pick. At AIS Windshield Experts, we offer 100% genuine auto glass sourced from our parent brand – Asahi India Glass Limited.

Are there different grades of glass for windshields?

There are three types of windshield glass that can be used on your vehicle; dealer glass, aftermarket glass, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass.

What is the strongest windshield glass?

Gorilla Glass: The Strongest Windshield. The world is constantly becoming more technologically advanced and the future of auto glass is no different.

Is Safelite glass as good as OEM?

The Safelite glass quality is generally satisfactory, though. When it comes to OEM glass vs Safelite, you have better assurance of almost par Safelite windshield quality with the original glass, but not necessarily at 100%.

Which is better AIS or Saint-Gobain?

Saint-Gobain employees rated their Senior Management 0.4 higher than Asahi India Glass employees rated theirs. Saint-Gobain employees rated their Culture & Values 0.7 higher than Asahi India Glass employees rated theirs.

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Is Safelite glass good?

Safelite has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with accreditation. … According to Safelite’s own website, it has a 4.7 out of 5.0-star rating from over 700,000 reviews. However, Safelite reviews on the BBB give it a 1.25 out of 5-star rating, and reviews on Trustpilot give it a 1.9-star rating.

What is OEM quality glass?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass is made by the same manufacturer as your original glass. Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) auto glass is made to the same standards, but by a different manufacturer. Our customers can choose OEM or OEE prior to service.

Does Safelite use Chinese glass?

Safelite provides auto glass replacement services in all 50 states, according to its Web site. “We currently buy aftermarket glass from all over the world, including Fuyao’s existing manufacturing facilities in China as well as from Safelite’s own plant in Enfield, N.C,” Lanno said.

Is Fuyao windshield OEM?

Since 1987, parent company Fuyao Group, has been producing outstanding automotive glass for the OEM & ARG markets. … Fuyao Glass America will continue Fuyao Group’s tradition of high quality products and service, while better supplying North America’s auto industry.

What is a Gorilla Glass windshield?

In case you aren’t familiar, Gorilla Glass is essentially glass that’s been treated with a chemical compound that makes it more resistant to chips and scratches. … Even better, the Gorilla Glass-enforced windshield is reportedly even lighter than its Gorilla-free counterpart.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket windshield?

OEM windshields are made by the same companies that manufactured your original windshield and will match the original windshields color, thickness, fit and shape. … Aftermarket Windshields on the other hand are manufactured by glass companies that do not have OEM relationships with the car makers.

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What is PPG glass windshield?

With more than 130 branches, PPG Auto Glass is the largest distributor of automotive replacement glass in the United States. … Pittsburgh-based PPG is a global supplier of coatings, glass, fiber glass and chemicals, with 108 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates in more than 20 countries.

Is Safelite overpriced?

We found Safelite to be more expensive than some other providers but also one of the most convenient choices for auto glass services with its availability in 50 states.

What brand does Safelite use?

ENFIELD, N.C. – Jan. 7, 2013 – AGC Automotive Americas, an industry leader and innovator in glass technologies, has entered into a license agreement with Safelite® Glass Corp., which allows Safelite to manufacture, distribute and sell replacement windshields under the AP Technoglass brand.

Is Safelite cheaper?

In our research, SafeLite was typically not the cheapest option for windshield replacement. … In our research, this usually turns up at least one mobile windshield service with low, competitive rates.