What makes the K20 engine so good?

engine speed. As a rule of thump, for the same engine setup, the K20 would deliver same or more power, because of its higher maximum engine speed. But again you are right, the K24 would deliver the better overall power, leading in a better 1/4 mile or better track time when using the same setup.

Are K20 engines good?

It’s a part of the popular K-series engines and remains in production today. The success of the engine is no secret as many look to the K20 for engine swaps. Honda’s K20 is a potent engine for its size and offers exceptional reliability. However no engine is perfect and there are no exceptions here.

How much horsepower can a K20 handle?

400-450 on a good setup with a GOOD, PROPER tune will hold just fine on a stock motor.

What is so special about Honda K Series?

The K-series is, without a question the favorite swap for front wheel drive Hondas. … With pieces and parts from these manufacturers and a little fabrication knowledge, it is possible to put Honda’s venerable 4 cylinder into virtually any chassis you prefer.

How fast is a K20 engine?

This Lotus Exige has fitted a supercharged K20 which is capable of hitting 9,000rpm! Think it’s just FWD cars that opt for the K20?

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Does K20 have VTEC?

The K-series engines are equipped with DOHC valvetrains and use roller rockers on the cylinder head to reduce friction. … In engines such as the K20A2 found in the Acura RSX Type-S, the VTEC system operates on both the intake and exhaust valves, allowing both to benefit from multiple cam profiles.

Can you boost a stock k20?

V engines are for Vginas

you can boost a hell of a lot on a stock k20. dont worry about building it up, just buy the kit.

How much HP does a K20A2 have?

Honda K20 and K24 Engine Specs

Honda K-Series Engine Specs K20A K20A2
Horsepower: 221 hp @ 8000 RPM 200 hp @ 7400 RPM
Torque: 159 lb-ft @ 6100 RPM 142 lb-ft @ 6000 RPM
Bore and Stroke (in / mm): 3.386 x 3.386 / 86 x 86 3.386 x 3.386 / 86 x 86
Compression Ratio: 11.7.1 11.0:1

How much HP can AK handle?

If this latest iteration of the k-series is anything like it’s predecessors, the block with stock sleeves will handle about 600 hp, and if you get Darton MID’s pressed in, over 1,000. The stock tranny will need to be upgraded with a stronger gearset/LSD/axles if you want any sort of reliability with a high hp setup.

Is i-VTEC better than VTEC?

i-VTEC (intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) was introduced in 2002 to the North American market. … Thus, the i-VTEC system provides all the benefits of the traditional VTEC design’s high-end open throttle power, while providing better engine operation at low and partial throttle.

How much does a K20 engine cost?

Avg cost of the swap will run you about $6-7K including the engine. That is with being content with buying a few used parts here and there. However if everything has to be BNIB, top of the line, buying all parts from an actual business, then be prepared to spend between $7-9K or so.

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What’s VTEC do?

The VTEC system essentially combines low-RPM fuel efficiency and stability with high-RPM performance. … This allows more air and fuel to enter and burn, creating stronger torque and horsepower. In any engine, valve timing, duration and lift that optimize performance at low speeds are very different than high RPM needs.

How high can a K20 Rev?

The K20’s oil pump is ok in short bursts at 9,000rpm. Above 9,000rpm the K20 oil pump the oil and pump starts to cavitate. This is absolutely not good for our engines. So in theory if you are going to rev your K24 to 8,600, you should switch to a K20 oil pump.

Is K-series engine best?

Overall, any K-series engine, whether it’s a K20 or K24, should be dead-on reliable for at least 200,000 miles. There are plenty of Acura RSXs and Honda Accord from the early 2000s driving around without much issue nowadays.

What is K20 engine?

The K20 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine was first introduced in 2001. It was designed to replace similar versions of F-series and B-series engines such as the B20B(Z), and F20B (A). The Honda K-series also includes the 2.3L K23 and 2.4L K24 engines.