What are 5 common acts that void your vehicle’s warranty?

What can void a warranty?

Below are some of the most common reasons warranties are invalidated by merchants:

  • The warranty period has expired.
  • The defect or part is not covered.
  • The product failure is due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance.
  • You have made significant alterations to the product, affecting its performance.

What items could cause the car’s warranty to be voided?

What can void a car warranty?

  • Off-Road Driving.
  • Racing or Reckless Driving.
  • Overloading.
  • Natural Disasters (flooding, fire, earthquake, etc.)
  • Poor Car Maintenance.
  • Using Improper Fluids.
  • Some Aftermarket Parts or Modifications (see above)

Can a car company void your warranty?

If the vehicle is still under warranty and you don’t have it serviced to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, you may void your warranty.

How does a car lose warranty?

If your car is damaged while you are “misusing” it, any warranty claims could be denied. If you alter your vehicle’s bodywork or engine, your warranty might become void. However, some modifications are allowed, so once again it’s important to check the warranty Ts and Cs before making changes to your vehicle.

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What does void your warranty mean?

A manufacturer or provider is allowed to void your warranty if you don’t abide by your contract terms. Some situations will void your entire warranty, meaning you will no longer be able to file claims for repairs. … Total loss: If your vehicle was given a salvage title after a severe accident, your warranty is void.

What can void a car warranty Philippines?

Things that can void your car’s warranty

  • Not following your car’s PMS schedule.
  • Having your car serviced outside of the dealer.
  • Using non-manufacturer approved aftermarket parts.
  • Damages accumulated from natural disasters.
  • Altering your vehicle’s mileage.
  • Vehicle not registered with the LTO.
  • Improper use of your vehicle.

Can dealer void warranty?

It is possible for a manufacturer or dealer to void a warranty or to deny warranty repairs. To do so, they must be able to demonstrate that improper repairs, improper maintenance or improper upgrades resulted in damage to the component that is subject to your warranty claim dispute.

Does a car accident void warranty?

If you’ve been in an accident resulting in damage to your car, then you might be worried that the accident will void your warranty. Losing warranty protection can be very expensive in the medium term, and it’s an obvious worry. The good news is: Simply being in an accident will not void your car’s warranty.

What is a warranty void if removed?

Stickers that say “warranty void if removed” are often found on gadgets, in many cases covering screws that would let somebody open the product and inspect its internal components. The stickers can indicate whether a consumer has tried to carry out an “unauthorised repair”.

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Does a lift kit void warranty?

For the most part, a lift kit will not automatically void your entire manufacturer’s warranty. However, a lift kit can cancel certain aspects of your warranty. … For example, if your radio breaks, a manufacturer cannot usually deny that warranty claim because you lifted your truck.

Does a bull bar void warranty?

The simple answer is NO. Fitting a Bullbar or Nudge Bar to your brand new vehicle will not affect the manufacturer’s new car warranty as long as the products are fit for purpose, ADR compliant, and installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Does adding a spoiler void warranty?

NO – only the spoiler itself will not be covered by the warranty – the warranty covers the car “as-was” when originally sold … But, there should some sort of guarantee with the spoiler itself … I you had a company dealer garage fit the spoiler, then their work would also have some sort of seperate guarantee …

Will straight pipe void my warranty?

NO. It’s also illegal for a dealer to deny you the OE warranty because you have changed the exhaust system. … In order for a dealer/manufacturer to deny a warranty on a claimed part, they must PROVE that the part YOU installed/had installed DIRECTLY caused the failure of the part on which you’re claiming the warranty.

Can modifications void warranty?

Although car enthusiasts commonly believe that any modifications will void a warranty, the truth is a little less straightforward. In fact, a modification won’t void a warranty unless an automaker or a dealer can prove that an aftermarket part caused the need for repairs.

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Can late oil change void warranty?

The simple answer here is yes, your warranty will be partially voided if you do not change your oil in a timely fashion with proper fluids. However, the dealership must prove that your failure to service your car did without reasonable doubt cause the malfunction and need for repair.